I swear our USPS office does not look at the mail. We received mail to our address for someone else. It looked important, so I wrote on it “Return to Sender – No such person at address”. I even included an arrow to the return address. A big circle with an arrow you can’t miss.

Yeah, it will be in our mailbox today. When sorting the mail for our mailbox, how do you not miss the big circle with an arrow calling out to be read. This mail will be put right into the sent mailbox. We’ll see how many times this will happen before they understand to return to sender.

Read people read! These words mean something.

Our post office has done this a few times. Last time, I had gotten a letter with a postcard from a company where you check a box saying you don’t want whatever it is and you mail just the postcard back to them.

I put it in our sent mailbox and received it back in our mailbox the following week. :/ It was a time-sensitive return postcard. Luckily, I had started early.

So I put it back in the sent mailbox and never saw it again. Whew!

What’s funny about the postcard is that our address wasn’t even where an address goes and it still came to us instead of the HUGE company address on the other side that had the postage stamp on it.

My grandmother used to “Damn” the postman. She’d be waiting all afternoon for an important letter and he would be late or the letter wouldn’t come the day it should have. I now get her frustration with the post office.