Are you actually back to posting?

OK…I am back…mostly…

Are you actually back to posting?
Yeah, I’m going to try and be more diligent. I kind of stopped posting when Skippy passed away. I was a little down and posting reminded me of him.

Now that I have a good app to post from, I think I will post more. AND I will even include pictures. I also think I am going to change from stories to more musings. I might still have a story or two, but mostly moving to just thoughts.

What happened to Skippy?
Well, the HCM is not what caused him to die. He wound up with a really really bad case of pancreatitis. They were doing all they could to make him comfortable, but he was in pain and there wasn’t anything more they could do.

While dealing with the pancreatitis, Skip was off his HCM meds for two weeks, and the disease had started affecting his heart again. The vet could hear the murmur getting worse. That is how quick it can take hold.

Skip was ready and we let him be at peace. So we made the painful decision to let him go to the rainbow bridge. It was the right decision.

This was his last picture:


Do you have any new cats?
Yes, you betcha. It was way too quiet at home without Skip around.

For the first time, I didn’t go to the pound to get a kitten. I have always wanted a Ragdoll kitten, so we decided to get one or two. 🙂

We got two brothers. Since it has been 4 years since I last posted, here are baby pics and pics at 4 years old.

Calvin Statler:

IMG 0258

Hobbes Waldorf:

IMG 0259

Those are weird middle names?
We named the first names after the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip which is a favorite of my hubby (Note: upgraded from boyfriend…Hooray!). Their first names are for youth.

Their middle names are after the curmudgeonly muppets that sit in the balcony and heckle. The names of those muppets are Statler and Waldorf. The middle names are for old age.

What else have you been up to?
Probably the biggest change is that hubby and I moved across country to Seattle. We love it here! It is really beautiful here in Seattle in the summer — it barely rains. We make up for it with plenty of rain in the winter, but the summers are worth it. 🙂

Also, I have a Micro Blog in case you didn’t see the other post. It is What I post here should show up there for followers.

I will have to figure out how I want to handle the division. It might just be, one has more words. 🙂