Such an Honest Kitty!

I have to laugh at this!  I even called my mom and told her the story. 🙂

As you may know, I live with a boyfriend and a very lovable cat named Skip who is 11.  Skip has a heart condition called Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy that we were very fortunate enough to catch early.  Skip is a huge cat and I don’t mean fat.  He is very tall and long and beefy.  Skip is a gem and a very good boy.

So, last night boyfriend and I are downstairs watching CSI on TiVo.  Everyone had finished dinner including Skip and dishes were completed.  Time to rest. We hear Skip go upstairs. And yes you can hear him go up the stairs.  Ever since he was a kitten, he has walked noisily.

Skip’s litter is upstairs and sometimes he also goes to bed without us, so we didn’t think anything of it.

The next thing we know, Skip is upstairs hollering his head off.  It wasn’t a cry of pain, and those with cats know that there is a difference.  It was more of a come up here now type of yell.  Well, he does this sometimes to get us to go to bed with him, so we didn’t think anything of it.

I did think it was a little different, but didn’t go to investigate because all of a sudden Skip comes running downstairs.  He jumps up on my lap and looks at me like did you hear me.  I told him it was OK and he could go to sleep on me instead of upstairs.

Fast forward to time to go to bed.  I head upstairs and go into the laundry room which is also where the litter box is.  I see something on the floor and realize what Skip was yelling about.

He had accidentally tossed a pooh turd onto the floor when covering up and was upset about it.  That’s why he was hollering for me to come upstairs.  LOL So honest about his mistake.  🙂

Note: His litter box had just been cleaned, so it wasn’t like it was full.  He just made an honest mistake when covering up.

I turned around and there he was sitting there with a look that said, “See I told you something was wrong.” 🙂  I praised him for letting me know and apologized for not coming upstairs earlier.  I got the scooper out and put it back into the litter plus I helped by covering it up for him.

After checking that all was good with his potty and satisfied that the issue had been fixed, Skip turned around went into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed.  He had stayed up to ensure that the problem was resolved before going to sleep for the night. 🙂

You gotta love cats!!