Perfume and Women/Cologne and Men

Why in the world do people wear so much perfume/cologne?  I honestly do not understand it.

To make my life easier, I am just going to use perfume in this blog because the primary violators of wearing too much is women.

I always used to notice how much perfume people were wearing, but it has gotten a lot worse since I had sinus surgery and can now smell really well.  Now when I get around one of these foul smelling people, I can barely breathe without sneezing or gagging.

For example, after my sinus surgery, I had a follow-up appointment that boyfriend drove me to.  This doctor is really good, so you have to wait.  We are sitting in the waiting room and the door opens and a lady walks in.  Not more than 10 seconds later, I smell it…tons of perfume.  It was really bad.

After a cry of “Jesus” escaped my mouth before I could stop it, I looked around and everyone…and I mean everyone was staring at this lady.  Some people were covering their noses or scrunching their noses up; others were just dealing with it.

The lady in question was oblivious to our discomfort.  I was called back, and after a huge thank you to the nurse, I went on with my appointment.

When I finished, boyfriend and I left and got into the elevator.  OMG, it was bad.  Boyfriend says, “She left 10 minutes ago, how can it still smell.”  Unfortunately, this elevator was real slow, so after holding our breaths for the entire ride, we escaped to huge gulps of fresh air.

So my question is how did this lady not know that she was wearing too much perfume?  Did she know and not care? Did she know, but left in a hurry to fix it?  Did she not realize that just one spray is plenty? Was her sense of smell too warped to notice the smell?  Did she not have any true friends who would pass along that her perfume is on too strong?

I work with a guy that wears so much cologne that when he had a conversation on his cell phone in a small room, the room smelled like his cologne for about a half hour.

Is there another reason that people wear so much perfume?  Maybe they are trying to cover up another smell?  Are they rewearing unwashed clothes?  Is it dry cleaning that was worn once and had more perfume added to it?

If so peeps, wearing so much perfume is attracting more attention than you probably want, and it is probably the wrong kind of attention.

Please take a second before you spray yourself with perfume and think to yourself “Will one spray work or do I really need to spray multiple times”.  Please be aware of others around you and the discomfort you are putting us in by putting way too much perfume on.