Why is it that the best dreams always happen right before the alarm goes off in the morning?

Last night I had a dream that I was working for some hotel that was hosting a series of events as a part of a contest.  I was setting up for the Balloon Burst challenge when one of our guests was missing a member of their foursome.  Since the guest was important (I don’t remember why) to the hotel, it was determined that I would join his team.

Well, the guest and the other two members of the team went first and did poorly.  It was up to me to complete the Balloon Burst event perfectly for our guest to move on to the next round of the contest.

There I am running through the course bursting balloons as fast as I can…time is running out…batteries are running out of the gun I was using (no idea on batteries), but I only have a few more balloons to go for victory, and…I hear music.  🙁

My alarm was going off and I will now never know if I made it to the end and burst all of the balloons in time or if the important guest moved on.  Or if through my success the hotel was famous.

I guess that’s just one of life’s annoying things.